Difficult Listening Hour 2021.02.13: Snow Day!

The Seattle area was getting inundated with snow, so every song in this mix was pulled from a playlist of tracks with titles that included the word “snow”, “winter”, “cold”, “froze”, or “ice”. Otherwise unrehearsed and unplanned, all done on the fly.

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Difficult Listening Hour 2021.01.09

Unrehearsed, seat-of-the-pants, let’s-see-what-happens mixing. This week ended up being (nearly) all ’80s alternative. Some of my favorite classics in here, and some transitions that I’m quite happily surprised by. Enjoy!

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Difficult Listening Hour 2021.01.02: Happy New Year!

The first Difficult Listening Hour of the new year, and it’s all “new” music! That is, not “new” as in “newly released” or even “new to my collection” but as in “has ‘new’ in the title somewhere” (except for two, one of which is an acronym, and the other features the word ‘new’ rather prominently in the lyrics). Basically, I just did a search for ‘new’ in my music collection and then winged it from there.

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Difficult Listening Hour 2020.12.26: Acapella? Really?

For my final Difficult Listening Hour of 2020, I’ve lined up a set that I’d been playing with off and on for a few weeks: A full set of acapella covers!

Because, you know, how else would a primarily ebm/goth/industrial/electronica DJ wrap up the year than with…beatmatched acapella. Sure, why not?

NOTE: Is the Mixcloud link not working for this one? Turns out that part of Mixcloud’s licensing means that if a mix has more than four tracks by a single artist, playback is limited to Premium and Select subscribers.

If that’s the case, then while it’s not as fancy as MixCloud, you can use this local player instead!

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Difficult Listening Hour 2020.12.12

Week thirty-seven of my unplanned, unrehearsed, seat-of-the-pants goofing around. As a way of getting back into practice and doing something regularly, I’ve started doing regular Twitch broadcasts, now on Saturday afternoons. These are the results. Anything goes.

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Fine Halcyon Days

I have a number of mixes that I created a long time ago when I was mixing off an external CD mixer, recording the audio stream, and then posting that unedited. Here and there when I have time, I’m going to be going back and re-creating them with the more modern tools I have today. Here’s the first!

This is an update of A Fine Day’s Mix, stringing together three takes on Opus III’s “It’s A Fine Day”. Basically twenty minutes of the same thing, I can see it being either enjoyable background dreaminess or unending aggravation, depending on your fondness for the original track.

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