DJ Wüdi is back! Sort of. At least, he’s now semi-retired, rather than entirely retired.

DJ Wüdi got his start in 1992 in Anchorage, Alaska, by talking his way into starting an “alternative” night at City Lights, an all-ages club at that time catering solely to the pop/hip-hop crowd. Though a short-lived stint of only a few months, this was enough to kick off an eight-year career DJing at multiple clubs in Anchorage, most notably The Lost Abby and Gigs Music Theater.

In the summer of 2001, DJ Wüdi moved out of Alaska for the warmer (but more DJ-saturated) climes of Seattle, Washington, and settled into enjoying clubs from the dance floor rather than the DJ booth. The bug never really dies, though, and after a decade of semi-retirement, DJ Wüdi is thrilled to be dipping his toes back into the musical pool!

Current Schedule

  • Nothing confirmed. Back to creating mixes at home for a while! Keeping my fingers crossed for the future, though….

Past Events