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Norwescon 36

DJ Wüdi will be DJing the Thursday Night Dance at the upcoming Norwescon 36 science fiction and fantasy convention in SeaTac, Washington!

Thor’s Day Night Dance!

We call it Thursday night, but we used to know it as Thor’s Day…and you can kick off your weekend of saving the world with a celebration worthy of Asgard itself! Join DJ Wüdi for an evening of tunes new and old for gods and mortals alike. Come dressed as your godlike representation or as your mortal alter-ego. Requests are not just welcome, but encouraged!

Any songs you know you’d like to hear? I’m already taking requests!

Hello world!

Looks like we’re up and running! Here’s a little something to get things started…

June 9th (RCRG vs. Atomic City) Intro Music

RCRG: Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

July 14th (RCRG vs. Apple City double header) Intro Music