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Sounds From the Lost Abbey 08

Back in February, I took up a challenge from one of my friends (prompted by the Gigs mix I posted) to create a mix based around songs that I’d have played at the Lost Abbey, during the mid- to late-1990s. To get a little help putting together the playlist, I put out a call for requests on Facebook, and ended up with something around 14 hours of possible songs, almost entirely pulled from requests by people who used to see me spin at the Lost Abbey.

Since 14 hours is far too long to do as a single mix, I’ve broken the requests up into multiple 80-ish-minute playlists. Here’s the eighth of quite a few to come!

  1. Utah Saints: Something Good
  2. The Goodmen: Give it Up (Batacuda Refrescante)
  3. Eon: Spice (Original With Notes)
  4. Lords of Acid: Rough Sex
  5. Blue Pearl: (Can You) Feel the Passion (Dominatrix)
  6. Messiah: Temple of Dreams (Long)
  7. L.A. Style: James Brown is Dead (Rock Radio)
  8. Human Resource: Dominator
  9. Ottorongo: Fuck You (Singalongmotherfucker)
  10. The Movement: Jump (Mutha)
  11. The Immortals: Mortal Kombat Theme (Techno Syndrome)
  12. Lords of Acid: Do What You Wanna Do (Carl Says “Do It Boy”)
  13. Praga Khan: Injected With a Poison
  14. Alpha Team: Speed (Hardcore)
  15. X Calibur: Love American Style
  16. Lords of Acid: Mister Machoman

Difficult Listening Hour 09 (140 BPM)

Continuing with my loosely BPM-themed mixes, every song in this mix is somewhere between 135 and 145 BPM. And as always, this was mixed “live” and has no post-processing or editing work, so while it may not be perfect, it’s all me!

  1. Bjork ‘Hyper Ballad’
  2. LaTour ‘E (Saranijhi Sunset)’
  3. Underworld ‘Cowgirl (Irish Pub in Kyoto)’
  4. Icon of Coil ‘Consumer’
  5. Praga Khan ‘Injected With A Poison (DJ Taucher)’
  6. Billy Idol ‘Heroin (Overlords)’
  7. Front 242 ‘Happiness (Dance)’
  8. Pigface ‘Sweet Meat (Sweet Beat)’
  9. Skeewiff ‘Little Spot of Soul’
  10. Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey ‘History Repeating’
  11. The The ‘That Was the Day’