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Difficult Listening Hour 02v2

The second of my old collection of mix sessions that I’m posting. A little longer than the last one, and a little more pop-y. There actually was a ‘v1’ of this mix, but it had a few slight flaws that I wanted to fix, and I ended up choosing a slightly different set of tracks to use (though, I may have simply introduced new flaws…so it goes). Hence, ‘v2’.

  1. Faithless ‘Salva Mea’
  2. Transister ‘Head (Hot Tracks)’
  3. Dee-Lite ‘Groove is in the Heart (Van Helden ’99)’
  4. Madonna ‘Music (Deep Dish Dot Com)’
  5. Sarah McLachlan ‘Possession (Rabbit in the Moon)’
  6. DJ Icey ‘This is How My Drummer Drums’
  7. The Crystal Method ‘Busy Child’
  8. Wink ‘Higher State of Consciousness (Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy/vs. Public Enemy)’
  9. Underworld ‘Rez’

This mix was mixed ‘live’ — running a Pioneer dual CD mixer directly into my computer and recording straight to .mp3 — and has had no post-mix editing done in the computer. As such, it’s not flawless, but it’s not bad, either, if I do say so myself.