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Difficult Listening Hour 2021.01.02: Happy New Year!

The first Difficult Listening Hour of the new year, and it’s all “new” music! That is, not “new” as in “newly released” or even “new to my collection” but as in “has ‘new’ in the title somewhere” (except for two, one of which is an acronym, and the other features the word ‘new’ rather prominently in the lyrics). Basically, I just did a search for ‘new’ in my music collection and then winged it from there.

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Difficult Listening Hour 2020.05.23: Bombtime!

I’ve apparently fallen into the habit of doing some sort of themed set every third week. This week started when I realized how many songs I had with “bomb” in the title, and decided to see what I could do with that….

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Sounds From the Lost Abbey 05

Back in February, I took up a challenge from one of my friends (prompted by the Gigs mix I posted) to create a mix based around songs that I’d have played at the Lost Abbey, during the mid- to late-1990s. To get a little help putting together the playlist, I put out a call for requests on Facebook, and ended up with something around 14 hours of possible songs, almost entirely pulled from requests by people who used to see me spin at the Lost Abbey.

Since 14 hours is far too long to do as a single mix, I’ve broken the requests up into multiple 80-ish-minute playlists. Here’s the fifth of quite a few to come!

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Difficult Listening Hour 02v2

The second of my old collection of mix sessions that I’m posting. A little longer than the last one, and a little more pop-y. There actually was a ‘v1’ of this mix, but it had a few slight flaws that I wanted to fix, and I ended up choosing a slightly different set of tracks to use (though, I may have simply introduced new flaws…so it goes). Hence, ‘v2’.

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