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Difficult Listening Hour 09 (140 BPM)

Continuing with my loosely BPM-themed mixes, every song in this mix is somewhere between 135 and 145 BPM. And as always, this was mixed “live” and has no post-processing or editing work, so while it may not be perfect, it’s all me!

  1. Bjork ‘Hyper Ballad’
  2. LaTour ‘E (Saranijhi Sunset)’
  3. Underworld ‘Cowgirl (Irish Pub in Kyoto)’
  4. Icon of Coil ‘Consumer’
  5. Praga Khan ‘Injected With A Poison (DJ Taucher)’
  6. Billy Idol ‘Heroin (Overlords)’
  7. Front 242 ‘Happiness (Dance)’
  8. Pigface ‘Sweet Meat (Sweet Beat)’
  9. Skeewiff ‘Little Spot of Soul’
  10. Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey ‘History Repeating’
  11. The The ‘That Was the Day’

Mission Accomplished

The fourth of my old collection of mix sessions that I’m posting. This one starts a few that move away from the “Difficult Listening Hour” series to explore some other ideas I had running through my head. It’s shorter, not quite half an hour long, and has something of a ‘spy music’ theme.

  1. Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen ‘Mission Impossible (Junior’s Hard/Intro)’
  2. Propellerheads ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’
  3. Moby ‘James Bond Theme (Hot Tracks)’
  4. Propellerheads ‘Spy Break’
  5. Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen ‘Mission Impossible (Junior’s Hard)’

This mix was mixed ‘live’ — running a Pioneer dual CD mixer directly into my computer and recording straight to .mp3 — and has had no post-mix editing done in the computer. As such, it’s not flawless, but it’s not bad, either, if I do say so myself.