Difficult Listening Hour 05 (100BPM)

Finally! The first (and hopefully not the last) of a new series of long-form mixes! There’s no real particular theme to this mix, and likely won’t be for the next few mixes — primarily, I’m working on getting back in practice and getting used to my new equipment. As I do this, I’m recording what I’m doing, both so I can later listen to it and critique myself and so, if I think they’re good enough, I can upload them here. This was mixed “live” using djay with the Numark iDJ Pro controller and has no post-processing or editing work, so while it may not be perfect, it’s honest! 😉

Well, okay, there’s one light theme: Every song in this mix is between 95 and 105 BPM.

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Give It A Crablouse

For many years, I had the idea for a mashup bouncing around in my head. In fact, it had been rattling around in my brain for so long that it wasn’t even originally thought of as a “mashup” — just a mix I wanted to try. However, I’d been missing a crucial piece, so it never got beyond the conceptual stage…until a few years ago.

Here’s the second of my contributions to mashup culture: Give It A Crablouse.

Sources: The Lords of Acid‘s “The Crablouse” (“In Its Native Environment (Album)” and “Whatever You Do, Remain Calm (Instrumental)”) mixes, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ “Give It Away“.

Download Give It A Crablouse (5.2 MB .mp3)

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Just Can’t Get Flexible in 1999

Now that I’ve run through all the long-form mixes I had laying around, here’s the first of two mashups I’ve put together.

Depeche Mode’s ‘Flexible’ and ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ plus Prince’s ‘1999’ equals DJ Wüdi – Just Can’t Get Flexible in 1999 (7.8Mb MP3).

Download Just Can’t Get Flexible in 1999 (7.8Mb MP3)

This was my first attempt at creating a mashup rather than just listening to ’em. Probably not likely to make it to the top of the charts, but I don’t think it’s too terribly bad for a first try.

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The eight and last of my old mixes to go up. Hopefully I’ll eventually start putting new mixes up!

This is probably my favorite of the mixes I have available right now. There’s no real set style through the piece, I just slapped together a bunch of tracks that I happened to like a lot. Luckily, it all seems to work pretty well…possibly better than it should?

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Where Time Becomes A Loop

Number seven from my old collection of mixes that I’m re-posting. We’re moving back into longer sessions again, with this one coming in at just under an hour. Of all the mixes I’ve had sitting around, this is one of my top three favorites, with my third favorite being yesterday’s ‘ToriMix’, and my top favorite coming tomorrow.

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ToriMix v2

Number six in my old collection of mix sessions that I’m putting up for download and podcast. Another “theme” mix, this is a forty-five minute mix of Tori Amos dance remixes. As a fan of Tori and bouncing around on the dance floor, this one was probably bound to come out sooner or later during my DJ days.

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A Fine Day’s Mix

The fifth of my old collection of mix sessions that I’m posting. This one is another “theme” idea I had, and depending on how much you like the base song, could be either enjoyable or excruciating, as it strings together four versions of the same theme into one 22-minute track. I actually like it…kind of dreamy background music.

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Mission Accomplished

The fourth of my old collection of mix sessions that I’m posting. This one starts a few that move away from the “Difficult Listening Hour” series to explore some other ideas I had running through my head. It’s shorter, not quite half an hour long, and has something of a ‘spy music’ theme.

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Difficult Listening Hour 04

The third of my old collection of mix sessions that I’m posting. The keen-eyed might notice that we’ve jumped straight from DLH02 to DLH04. There is a DLH03, but…well, it wasn’t good. Very train wreck-y, and better not publicized.

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Difficult Listening Hour 02v2

The second of my old collection of mix sessions that I’m posting. A little longer than the last one, and a little more pop-y. There actually was a ‘v1’ of this mix, but it had a few slight flaws that I wanted to fix, and I ended up choosing a slightly different set of tracks to use (though, I may have simply introduced new flaws…so it goes). Hence, ‘v2’.

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