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DLH 2020.01.30

Week two of my unplanned, unrehearsed, seat-of-the-pants goofing around. As a way of getting back into practice and doing something regularly, I’ve started doing regular Twitch broadcasts on Thursday nights. These are the results. Anything goes.

  1. Soviet Snow (Popstand 12)”, Shona Laing
  2. Cold, LaTour
  3. Frozen (Stereo MC’s), Madonna
  4. Shiver (Aesthetische Cold), Star Industry
  5. Lost in Eternity (Extended), Merge
  6. Get Your Shirt, Underworld & Iggy Pop
  7. Ego, Louisahhh!!!
  8. Batshit, Sofi Tukker
  9. Happy, Faithless
  10. Stayin’ Alive (Teddybears), Bee Gees
  11. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Re-Mixed and Re-Edited by Soulwax), The Rolling Stones
  12. Spreadin’ Rhythm Around (Lady Bug vs. Lady Day RR), Billie Holiday
  13. Jump ‘n’ Jivin’, Dessy Di Lauro
  14. Swing Break, The McMash Clan feat. Kate Mullins
  15. Kiss My Ass, Alice Francis
  16. Never Let Me Down Again, Tina Root (of Switchblade Symphony)
  17. When Is The Future, VNV Nation
  18. BBB, How to Destroy Angels
  19. Vogala, Schwarzblut
  20. Filii Neidhardi, Corvus Corax