Closer to Virginity (nine inch nails vs. Madonna)

This is a bit of silliness that had its genesis years ago — around twenty, actually — one night when I was DJing at Gig’s Music Theater up in Anchorage. With nine inch nails’ “Closer” playing, when it got to the chorus, I slap-faded over to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”, creating (however clumsily) the mashed-up chorus, “I want to fuck you like a virgin…”. Not only did it get laughs, but every so often I’d have people come up and ask me to do it again (never an easy task when doing it live).

Many years later, and with better technology (albeit technology I don’t really know how to use; this was my first real experiment with Logic Pro), I decided to come back and attempt a more modern version of the idea.

Mostly, I think it works. Enough to post, at least. While I’m not sure this one is worthy of the dance floor, hopefully it at least gets a few laughs.

Download: DJ Wüdi – Closer to Virginity (7.5MB .mp3)

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