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DLH 2020.04.04

Week eight of my unplanned, unrehearsed, seat-of-the-pants goofing around. As a way of getting back into practice and doing something regularly, I’ve started doing regular Twitch broadcasts, now on Saturday mid-mornings. These are the results. Anything goes.

  1. Eisfabrik, Too Late
  2. De/Vision, Time to Be Alive
  3. Bruderschaft feat. Daniel Myer & Haujobb, Falling [Enter and Fall]
  4. En Esch with Terminal Sect, Who Made Who
  5. Machines of Loving Grace, All I Really Need
  6. Laibach, Sympathy for the Devil (Who Killed the Kennedys)
  7. Final Cut, She Destroys (Hilltop)
  8. Depeche Mode, Policy of Truth (Capitol)
  9. Ohi Ho Bang Bang, The Three
  10. Bow Wow Wow, I Want Candy (Girls Eats Boy)
  11. Meat Beat Manifesto, Acid Again
  12. Die Warzau, All Good Girls (Joyous)
  13. 29 Died, Mother Nature (Innocent)
  14. David Bowie, Magic Dance (12″)
  15. Talking Heads, Burning Down the House (Razormaid)
  16. Schwarzblut, Vogala
  17. Alex & Tokyo Rose, Sacrifice
  18. Abney Park, Stigmata Martyr
  19. Covenant, After Hours
  20. DJ Y alias JY, Teardrop Madness

Difficult Listening Hour 06 (110BPM)

After taking last weekend off (but hey, I gave you almost four hours in two mixes last time I updated), here’s another new practice mix. Every song in this mix is somewhere between 105 and 115 BPM. And as always, this was mixed “live” and has no post-processing or editing work, so while it may not be perfect, it’s all me!

  1. C.J. Bolland ‘Obsidion’
  2. Aftershock ‘Slave to the Vibe’
  3. Faithless ‘Happy’
  4. Moby ‘Bodyrock (B and H’s Bodyrob)’
  5. Skeewiff ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’
  6. Utah Saints ‘Funky Music’
  7. Fluke ‘Atombomb (Atomix 3)’
  8. Pigface ‘Fuck it Up’
  9. Revolting Cocks ‘Beers, Steers and Queers’
  10. Art of Noise feat. Max Headroom ‘Paranoimia’
  11. Meat Beat Manifesto ‘Acid Again (Dub Again)’
  12. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult ‘The Devil Does Drugs’
  13. Consolidated ‘Crackhouse (Conference)’
  14. Eurythmics ‘Doubleplusgood’