Difficult Listening Hour 2021.01.09

Unrehearsed, seat-of-the-pants, let’s-see-what-happens mixing. This week ended up being (nearly) all ’80s alternative. Some of my favorite classics in here, and some transitions that I’m quite happily surprised by. Enjoy!

  1. Erasure, Chains of Love (Truly in Love With the Marks Bros.)
  2. OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), If You Leave
  3. Figures on a Beach, Accidentally 4th Street (Gloria) (12″)
  4. Depeche Mode, Flexible (Extended)
  5. New Order, Temptation (Original 12″)
  6. Ministry, Effigy (I’m Not An) (Hot Tracks)
  7. Public Image Ltd., This Is Not a Love Song
  8. Pop Will Eat Itself, Can U Dig It? (Justin Strauss 12″ Vocal)
  9. Oingo Boingo, Weird Science (Extended Dance)
  10. Psychic TV, Tune In (Turn On the Acid House) (Mister Love Aciddisco Northern Soul)
  11. Shriekback, Nemesis (Arch Deviant)
  12. Love and Rockets, Resurrection Hex
  13. The Cure, Lovesong (Extended)
  14. Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Killing Jar
  15. The Jesus and Mary Chain, Head On
  16. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Higher Ground (Daddy-O)
  17. Lick the Tins, Can’t Help Falling In Love (Extended)
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