Difficult Listening Hour 2020.12.26: Acapella? Really?

For my final Difficult Listening Hour of 2020, I’ve lined up a set that I’d been playing with off and on for a few weeks: A full set of acapella covers!

Because, you know, how else would a primarily ebm/goth/industrial/electronica DJ wrap up the year than with…beatmatched acapella. Sure, why not?

NOTE: Is the Mixcloud link not working for this one? Turns out that part of Mixcloud’s licensing means that if a mix has more than four tracks by a single artist, playback is limited to Premium and Select subscribers.

If that’s the case, then while it’s not as fancy as MixCloud, you can use this local player instead!

  1. Kickshaw, Sound Check
  2. Fork, Madness
  3. The Nylons, Drift Away
  4. Straight No Chaser, Don’t Dream It’s Over
  5. Fork, Breakthru
  6. The Nylons, Bop ’til You Drop
  7. Straight No Chaser, Joy to the World
  8. Fork, Single Ladies
  9. Straight No Chaser feat. Sara Bareilles, I Want You Back
  10. Straight No Chaser, Tainted Love
  11. Pentatonix, Hey Momma / Hit the Road Jack
  12. Straight No Chaser feat. Stevie Wonder, Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)
  13. Straight No Chaser, You & Me & the Bottle Makes Three / Single Ladies
  14. Kickshaw, Dance to the Music
  15. Fork, Can’t a Loop
  16. Kickshaw, Papa Was A Rolling Stone
  17. Fork, God Is a DJ
  18. Fork, Comfortably Numb
  19. The Nylons, (Na Na Hey Hey) Kiss Him Goodbye
  20. Fork, Gaga
  21. Fork, Smooth Criminal
  22. Fork, Du Hast
  23. The Nylons, The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
  24. Fork, Land of Confusion
  25. Fork, Ray of Light
  26. Pentatonix, Starships
  27. Pentatonix, Daft Punk
  28. Fork, Sandstorm
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