Difficult Listening Hour 2020.10.31: Halloween Afternün Spüki Tünes

Two hours of Goth Christmas silliness!

Two hours of “spüki tünes with DJ Wüdi on Halloween afternün”. Goth Christmas silliness! Some classics, some newer, some oddities, some just felt like they fit.

  1. Walt Disney Productions, Thunder, Lightning and Rain
  2. Scholastic Records, The Haunted House
  3. Dominion Entertainment, Monster Bash
  4. Cheekyboy, Bad Moon Werewolves
  5. Meco, Spooky
  6. Ministry, Everyday (Is Halloween) (12″)
  7. Eisfabrik, Grim Reaper
  8. Andrew Spencer & the Vamprockerz, Zombie 2K10 (DJs From Mars)
  9. The Three Suns, Danny’s Inferno
  10. The Ventures, The Fourth Dimension
  11. Kay Starr, The Headless Horseman
  12. Oingo Boingo, Dead Man’s Party (Hot Tracks)
  13. DJ Fnord, Haunted Bela
  14. A plus D, Love Will Tear You Apart (She Wants Originality)
  15. Marilyn Manson, This Is Halloween
  16. Tim Curry, Halloween
  17. Jason Webley, Halloween
  18. Frank Sinatra, Witchcraft
  19. James Darren, That Old Black Magic
  20. Voltaire, Zombie Prostitute
  21. Trent Reznor, Persia Invasion / Quake Theme
  22. Scholastic Records, The Erl-King
  23. Aurora, Hereafter
  24. Le Coup Sauvage, Nightmare Home
  25. Lana Del Rey, Season of the Witch
  26. Marilyn Manson, I Put A Spell On You
  27. Fleetwood Mac, Black Magic Woman
  28. Rosetta Stone, Nothing (Important)
  29. Das Ich, Gottes Tod
  30. Ray Parker Jr., Ghostbusters
  31. Smash, R U Gonna Be My TV?
  32. The Blanks, Happy Halloween
  33. Scholastic Records, It Isn’t the Cough