Difficult Listening Hour 2020.04.11: Norwescan’t Edition

Easter weekend, I’m usually at Norwescon, my local SF/F convention. As it was canceled this year, this was my contribution to keeping the con spirit alive over the weekend: A set of geeky tunes and convention favorites. Definitely a bit sillier and all over the place than usual. Enjoy!

I’ll be back to my regular randomness next Saturday on Twitch!

  1. The Snake Charmer, Star Wars Theme
  2. Melodysheep, Just Surf the Net
  3. Doctor P, Flying Spaghetti Monster
  4. Daft Punk, End of Line (Photek)
  5. Melodysheep, The Good of the One
  6. Edelweiss, Starship (Raumschiff) Edelweiss
  7. Tim Eames, Ian Levine, Iain Simpson, Make It So (Club)
  8. Cuban Boys, Cognoscenti Vs. Intelligentsia
  9. Nicki Minaj, Starships
  10. Information Society feat. Ayria, Heffalumps and Woozles
  11. The Timelords, Doctorin’ the Tardis
  12. “Weird Al” Yankovic, Germs
  13. Charlie Murphy, Burning Times
  14. Mark Snow, X-Files Theme (P.M. Dawn)
  15. Melodysheep, Glorious Dawn
  16. Melodicka Bros, Toss a Coin To Your Witcher
  17. Andrew Van Vlear, Why is the Rum Gone?
  18. Fall on Your Sword, Shatner of the Mount
  19. Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip, I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper
  20. Boney M, Rasputin
  21. G3RSt, We No Speak Cantina
  22. Sebastian Komor, Game of Thrones Theme
  23. Daft Punk, Tron Legacy (End Titles) (Sander Kleinenberg)
  24. Ithaca Audio, Don’t Hold Back, Just Push Forward
  25. GTA, Help Me!
  26. “Weird Al” Yankovic”, White and Nerdy
  27. The Firm, Star Trekkin’
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