A Fine Day’s Mix

The fifth of my old collection of mix sessions that I’m posting. This one is another “theme” idea I had, and depending on how much you like the base song, could be either enjoyable or excruciating, as it strings together four versions of the same theme into one 22-minute track. I actually like it…kind of dreamy background music.

  1. Opus III “It’s A Fine Day”
  2. Orbital “Halcyon & On & On”
  3. Orbital “Halcyon (Hot Tracks)”
  4. Miss Jane “It’s a Fine Day (Exit)”

Download A Fine Day’s Mix (22m 51s, 26.16Mb .mp3)

This mix was mixed ‘live’ — running a Pioneer dual CD mixer directly into my computer and recording straight to .mp3 — and has had no post-mix editing done in the computer. As such, it’s not flawless, but it’s not bad, either, if I do say so myself.

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