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Gigs Music Theater 1998

So this is a little bit of silly self-indulgence…but then, wouldn’t that pretty much describe this entire website? 😉

Back when I was DJing at Gig’s Music Theater, I was also running a website for the club (and though I have no way of verifying this, I’ve always assumed that we were one of the first clubs to have a website running). As part of the website, I kept track of my requests, and kept a running “top requests” list. Since I archived the website as it was when the club shut down, I still have the last “top requests” list that I posted, back in 1998. Looking at it the other day, it struck me that it could make for an entertaining playlist….

So here we are: Two hours and forty-five minutes of the top club hits in 1998, as determined by the requests at an all-ages, non-alcoholic, alternative club in Anchorage, Alaska. In other words, this list probably wouldn’t match a similar list anywhere and anytime else.

It’s a little rough around the edges in spots, but that’s cause it’s recorded “live”, with no post-processing or editing. It’s not perfect, but I’ve rarely been perfect, and I think it ended up an honest and pretty fun throwback to what you’d have heard at Gig’s “back in the day”.

As the full set is almost three hours long, I’ve posted both the full mix, and separated into three pieces.

The full mix:

(See below for track listing.)

Download Gigs 1998-Full (2h 45m 12s, 180.6Mb .mp3)

Part One:

  1. Harajuku – Phantom of the Opera (’94 Club)
  2. Real Life – Send Me an Angel (1989 Extended Club)
  3. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Hot Tracks)
  4. LaTour – People Are Still Having Sex
  5. Nine Inch Nails – Closer to God
  6. Marilyn Manson – The Horrible People
  7. Front 242 – Religion (Pussy Whipped)
  8. Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) (Extended)
  9. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Time Warp
  10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvestite

Download Gigs 1998-Part 1 (47m 05s, 53.3Mb .mp3)

Part Two:

  1. Chumbawumba – Tubthumping
  2. Consolidated feat. The Yeastie Girls – You Suck
  3. Kool and the Gang – Jungle Boogie
  4. The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats
  5. Daft Punk – Around the World
  6. Armand van Helden – The Funk Phenomena (Hot Tracks)
  7. Madonna – Frozen (Extended Club)
  8. Soft Cell – Tainted Love (Club 69 Future Mix Part 1)
  9. Aqua – Barbie Girl (Spike’s Plastic)
  10. Los Del Rio – Macarena (Mezcla Guerrillera)
  11. Apotheosis – O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus)

Download Gigs 1998-Part 2 (54m 47s, 58.7Mb .mp3)

Part Three:

  1. Chumbawumba – The Good Ship Lifestyle
  2. Various Artists – I Love Rock and Roll (The Medley)
  3. Culture Club – Karma Chameleon
  4. X Calibur – Love American Style
  5. Alpha Team – Speed (Hardcore)
  6. Lords of Acid – The Crablouse (Coming Even Harder)
  7. Toni Basil – Mickey (Killa Klub)
  8. Harajuku – On My Own (Club)
  9. The Immortals – Mortal Kombat Theme (Encounter the Immortals)
  10. Stone Age feat. Linda Jo – (Meet) The Flintstones (Extended)
  11. Aqua – Lollipop (Candyman) (Extended)
  12. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up
  13. Louis Prima – Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)

Download Gigs 1998-Part 3 (1h 03m 25s, 68.8Mb .mp3)